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ISO 27001:2005

The reputation of ISO and the certification against the internationally recognized ISO 27001:2005 enhances any company’s credibility. It clearly demonstrates the validity of your information and a real commitment to upholding information security. The set up and certification of an ISMS can also transform your corporate culture both internally and externally, opening up new business opportunities with security conscious customers/clients, in addition to improving employee ethics and the notion of confidentiality throughout the workplace. What’s more, it allows you to enforce information security and reduce the possible risk of fraud, information loss and disclosure...

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ISO 20000:2005 - ITIL

With up to 80% of information technology budgets of most organizations directly linked to service management processes, a new ISO/IEC standard that benchmarks this activity is expected to result in cost savings for users, whether large or small enterprises, as well as increased productivity and improved customer service...

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Risk Analysis - EBIOS

EBIOS Stands for « Expression des Besoins et Identification des Objectifs de Sécurité »

The methodological approach offered by EBIOS provides a global and consistent view of information systems security (ISS). It provides uniform vocabulary and concepts and allows exhaustive coverage with determination of suitable security objectives and requirements.

The method takes into account all technical entities (software, hardware, networks) and non-technical entities (organization, human aspects, physical safety).

Promoted by the DCSSI and recognized by the French administrations, EBIOS is also a reference in the private sector and abroad. In this context, its translation into English and harmonization with international standards open new opportunities.

In 2002, international comparisons placed EBIOS among the three best methods for analyzing ISS risks. Many organizations in the public and private sectors use the method to conduct their own ISS risk analysis...

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Project Assistance & Support

Why do you need project assistance?
  • Your company business is not IT but Information Technology is one of the most critical elements in your production cycle and may be considered as a key differentiator.
  • Your industry sector has to comply with some compliance programs; your company has to comply with local regulations.
  • Your company has to migrate from one solution to another due to merge or any strategic decisions but has to continue to operate during this period.
  • Your IT staff is sized for and focused on business aspects and operations and not necessarily specialized in migration process or solutions.
  • You are irritated because vendors speak with “magic” words to present technologies but the usefulness of these technologies is something difficult to grasp.
  • Because you need an independent technical expert able to analyze your business needs and recommend a tailor-made solutions and you want to be sure that the recommendation are  not guided by reselling objectives... 

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Assessments & Audits

Why do companies need assessments and tests?
  • To get an external standpoint of their architecture with complete fairness and independence.
  • To obtain workable prioritized recommendations to improve current situation....
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Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards

In many countries worldwide, there have been instances of hackers accessing computer systems, stealing cardholder data, and using this data to commit fraud. In most cases, these computer systems have been operated by merchants that accept payment cards, or vendors that process payments on their behalf.

In response, Visa has created the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). This is a set of industry-wide requirements and processes, developed in partnership with MasterCard International, and supported by other major international payment card systems...

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Strategic Studies and Assessments

Founded by former Deloitte & Touche partners, IT Works is active in two different domains. Next to Information Security Consultancy, IT Works is also delivering strategic studies for companies in the new-technologies and financial sectors.

  • Services we can deliver...
  • Our four domain of competences
  • Open economical sectors
  • The four quality pillars
  • How do we differ

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