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Strategic Studies & Assessments

Strategic Studies & Assessments
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Our four domain of competences
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Services IT WORKS can deliver…

IT Works consultants are empowered to provide enterprise mangers in private and public sectors with comprehensive sector-based analysis tools in order to enlighten them on their strategic outlook.


Our four domain of competences

IT WORKS stemmed from consulting industry in the new technologies and financial industries, diversified its activities and is providing services in 4 different sector-based domains of expertise:

Multi-customer sector-based studies:

Sector-based studies is one of the major activities of the “Strategic studies & Assessment” department. These studies are dedicated to the understanding of the stakes of the market, identification of undergoing major changes in the sector, analyze of likely evolution in the sector.

Enterprise Assessments:

IT Works’ consultants are continuously paying close attention to big industrial groups evolution overall in Europe. During missions our consultants are regularly involved in various enterprise assessments, market positioning analysis, intended customer target analysis…

IT Works is using an original methodology in order to realize their analysis. This methodology is based on the merge of 4 competencies:
  • Financial Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Positioning
  • Competitive Analysis

Consultancy and tailor made analysis:

IT WORKS realizes many consultancy assessments and tailor made marked analysis capitalizing their knowledge.

The most important kind of marked studies

Financial evaluation and Due Diligence during merger and acquisition:

Due to their in depth knowledge of sector based industries, Auditors and consultants of IT WORKS realize financial analysis and due diligences of companies during their projects of merger and acquisition.

Open economical sectors

IT Works permanently covers the following sectors for many years now:


Each of these sectors is managed by a pole leader who is leading and managing a team of specialists. Every pole has different missions:
  • Following the evolution of the sector and understand the evolution and the main difference,
  • Define appropriate analysis reflecting strategic concerns of each industry sector
  • Propose, realize and drive tailor made market analysis and comparisons

The four IT WORKS quality pillars

Quality of service and excellence in work is the sole guaranty of success and survival of IT WORKS. According to market and image analysis, quality is precisely the main image of IT WORKS.

Our quality is based on 4 pillars:

  • Permanent reinforcement of competences of our consultants: training represent 5% of our total employees charge, this is an average of 10 days per consultant per year.
  • Retaining our consultants: sector based consulting work is a capitalization of various missions and of practical knowledge! Our evaluation policy and the way we motivate our experts is a key point in order to retain these experts in our company!
  • methodologies: every mission obeys to a predefined methodology. This methodology enables us in delivering quality in terms, in time and in budget!
  • Control of work and deliverables, before and after the job: our directors and pole leaders control all work and all deliverables.

How do we differ…

  • Quality of our consultants: a company’s reputation based on quality cannot afford employing juniors and inexperienced, non business oriented experts!
  • 18 years of experience: long term experience of the founders of IT WORKS, former Deloitte partners and directors, is a main guarantee of quality!