Key Differentiators of IT Works

IT Works consultants stemmed from consulting industry and are empowered to provide enterprise managers in private and public sectors with comprehensive sector-based analysis tools to enlighten them on their strategic outlook.


Our experts have been involved in different strategy alignment missions in Europe and Africa and have quantitative analytical skills.


Quality of our consultants: a company’s reputation based on quality cannot afford employing juniors and inexperienced, non business oriented experts! 20 years of experience: long term experience of the founders of IT WORKS, former Deloitte partners and directors, is a main guarantee of quality!


Our expertise covers various areas including IT strategy, just-in-time/just-enough enterprise architecture, project portfolio management and transformation governance.

Quality of our consultants:

A company’s reputation based on quality cannot afford employing juniors and inexperienced, non business oriented experts!

Sample of our Services

IT Works offers a pragmatic IT strategy assessment to assist our customers in developing an accurate and actionable plan to achieve business success. Our independent approach includes quantitative and qualitative performance indicators to track, monitor and assess IT processes within the whole departments.

Our mission is usually articulated around the following axes:

Strategy Analysis:

Quantitative strategy analysis is based on examination of objective and quantifiable data gathered from different sources.

It supports the analysis by using objective, numerical-based measures that correspond to your performance in a variety of IT areas.

Our analysis also includes qualitative strategy focuses less on pure figures and more on the subtleties of what can be found in that information.

IT Strategy Assessment Report:

Our report will provide insight on your business’ strengthens and weaknesses. The report is based on concrete elements that allow appropriate decisions to reduce your risks, improve return on investments and provide accurate technology within the company.

This report also includes transformation scenarii aligning appropriate technologies with people and processes that comprise the organization.

The four IT Works quality pillars

Quality of service and excellence in work is the sole guaranty of success and survival of IT WORKS. According to market and image analysis, quality is precisely the main image of IT WORKS.
Our quality is based on 4 pillars:

Permanent reinforcement of competences of our consultants:

training represent 5% of our total employees charge, this is an average of 10 days per consultant per year.

Retaining our consultants:

sector based consulting work is a capitalization of various missions and of practical knowledge! Our evaluation policy and the way we motivate our experts is a key point in order to retain these experts in our company!


All our methodologies are aligned with international norms and standards allowing comparison with best practices and other player’s performance.

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our directors and pole leaders control all work and all deliverables.