Expertise and Services:

We are a reputable IT company having a team of skilled professionals with proven experience in various IT domains. We can provide specialized services, technical support and solutions tailored to your business needs.

Experience: Innovation:

Our company stays updated with the latest technologies and market trends. Partnering with us can help you leverage innovative solutions to stay competitive and efficient in your industry.


Experts located in Luxembourg performing business and risk assessments able to define and implement best of breed security solutions. Our compliance analysts contribute to security designs through acquisitions and/or system developments to deliver and maintain a compliant system.


We have an active presence with major players in the field of digital payments, telecommunications, banking and digital identity providers.

Technology Strategy Consulting Services

IT Works consultants stemmed from consulting industry and are empowered to provide enterprise managers in private and public sectors with comprehensive sector-based analysis tools to enlighten them on their strategic outlook.

Quality of our consultants:

A company’s reputation based on quality cannot afford employing juniors and inexperienced, non business oriented experts!


IT Works Consulting provides customers with a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who has the experience and capabilities needed to assist, develop, create and implement a unique security strategy.


All our consultants worked in the information security domains in the past.
Our DPO aaS solution provides you with a highly experienced Data Protection Officer (DPO) who works on your site or remotely as an integral member of your team.

Digital Identity Consulting Services

Our consultants have proven experience in the deployment of eID solutions including not only the technical elements but also the definition of authentication and registration solutions adapted to local specificities in Europe and Africa.