Key Differentiators of
IT Works Consulting

IT Works has been involved in a lot of transformation projects in the past mainly in the telecommunications, payments, banking, IT Architecture and Rresearch laboratories domains.

Quality of our consultants:

• Our expertise comes from a mix between business and industry knowledge to help ensure solutions are tailored to customer specific needs.

• Our consultants mindset is disruptive it means not only replicating existing way of working using new tools but challenging the traditional way of doing things in an organisation.

• Our expertise covers various areas including IT strategy, just-in-time/just-enough enterprise architecture, project portfolio management and transformation governance.

• Our domains of expertise can lead the collaboration across your company but also with third parties, providing a results-driven mentality to ensure that profitable growth is achieved from all investment.

These missions concerned different types of trasformations :

These missions concerned different types of trasformations :
• Technology and IT implementation
• Strategic change
• Organizational design
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Support functions’ transformations
• Corporate culture change


Project management assistance is usually necessary because internal teams do not have enough time to cover such a load. Moreover, internal resources often tend to repeat the existing rather than to transform in depth.

During the transformation phase or design phase, our mission is was to support or even replace the client in order to:

• Frame thanks to the collection of the requirements
• Provide clear understanding of the benefits from proposed new systems to the management and all employees.
• The formalization of the project in a high-level definition.
• Organisational risks identification and mitigation planning.
• Readiness assessment of employees to wirk in new structure or use new tools and processes, planning and implementation of mitigation factors regarding risks with people

• If necessary, select potential providers based on consultation and evaluation.
Produce, publish and support call for tender procedures.
• Define and implement new governance.
• Acceptance of the delivered project.
• Implement sustainability assurance metrics.

Transformation Project Management Services

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